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TenXTrainer for Tactical Training

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The TenXTrainer for Tactical has features to sync 2 – 15 units and will turn the target to face the shooter randomly to show the front face or back face for a shoot / no-shoot scenario.

Police Departments, LE and Action Pistol shooters can benefit from the product by working on target analysis, judgment and engagement with timed drills.

Customizable drills can be run to face the target from 2 seconds upwards

The TenXTrainer for Tactical rotates 180 degrees to present either face of the target boards. 

This unit retails for $399.99.

TenXTrainer for Precision Pistol

The TenXTrainer is for precision pistol shooters, who are used to turning targets at the shortline for Timed and Rapid courses of fire for the traditional Bullseye match.  This version has pre-programmed voice commands and works with the Bullseye Match app.  Once configured the unit can synchronize 2 to 10 units and the range master can control the 10 units in unison and run matches.  This feature allows teams to practice, individuals to practice or compete or get ready for a competition.  This unit also has a custom drills section (optional for $35.00) to work on getting the first shot off!

The drills and customization scenarios in this unit are limited by the shooter's improvability imagination!

Click to see how it works

The TenXTrainer for Precision Pistol only turns 90 degrees and retails for $299.99

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